Methylated Spirit 200ml X 24


200ML X 24

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Morison Methylated Spirit is an alcohol which is specially prepared for industrial use.  It is a type of ethanol which is the chemical name for alcohol.  Methylated spirits has poisonous or bitter substances deliberately added to it to make it unsuitable for drinking.  Methylated spirits is naturally clear and colourless although methyl violet is sometimes added to it in which case it is purple in colour.

It is used in the cliics and hospitals as cleaning and disinfecting agents also.

Other uses of Methylated spirits include:-      

  • As a fuel for camping stoves and lamps because it is a solvent and burns readily
  • As a fuel in model steam engines
  • As a component in the manufacture of French polish, a high quality traditional treatment for wooden furniture.  French polish is made by dissolving shellac flakes into methylated spirits, adding some linseed oil and rubbing into the wood
  • To remove paint from paintbrushes
  • In the manufacture of spirit based varnishes and paints
  • To remove marker pen stains from plastics and metals

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