Moricet Antiseptic 125ml X 36


Moricet Antiseptic 125ml X 36 Box/1 (36pcs)

Category: Consumer Products

MORICET Disinfectant is an antimicrobial preparation with CLEANSING properties for general Antiseptic purpose composition.

The solution is clear and yellow with neutral reaction. It is active against common bacteria, fungi and algae.

MORICET Disinfectant is suitable for:

1. General Disinfection including personal hygiene.

2. Skin Disinfection.

3. Cleaning and Disinfection of instruments, equipment and surfaces e.g. in hospitals (Urinals, Thermometers, bedpans).

It can also be used in Nurseries, household, lavatories and for domestic hygiene e.g. Napkins, Towels.

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